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Resources / Links

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

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  • Advocacy Organizations

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  • Blogs for Workers, Activists, and Lawyers

    • EEOC – The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s blog covering the agency’s news, prosecutions, and changes in the law.
    • AFL-CIO Blog – The official blog of the AFL-CIO covering political and legal issues for workers, including news about labor and working conditions in various businesses.
    • Workforce 21C – Cynthia Calvert blogs about recent developments in the law of Family Responsibilities Discrimination, providing practical solutions that increase productivity, defuse tensions, and reduce the likelihood of lawsuits.
    • U.S. Department of Labor – The official blog of the United States Department of Labor, sharing news and commentary from the Department of Labor.
    • Honesty Without Fear – the National Whistleblowers’ Center – A blog which provides updates about a wide range of whistleblower cases both private and government, tips and resources for whistleblowers, and legal and political information important for employees who are considering “blowing the whistle”.
    • Workplace fairness – One of the only blogs which principally focuses on legal developments and workplace trends from a worker-friendly perspective, on legal and political information about employee rights and fairness in the workplace, and the latest developments in workplace rights and employment law.
    • Ms. JD – Ms. JD is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession.  Ms. JD has guest bloggers who discuss important topics for women law students and women lawyers and ideas for change.
    • The Project for Attorney Retention (PAR) – seeks to reduce attrition in law firms by promoting the use of reduced hours schedules, non-stigmatized part-time programs, and best practices for retaining lawyers.  Its blog highlights its work, discusses solutions to flex-time for lawyers, and showcases firms who are implementing best practices.
    • Minding the Workplace – Suffolk University Law School Professor David Yamada discusses the causes, effects, and potential solutions for workplace bullying. Although employees cannot sue their employers for most types of bullying, there is legislation in Massachusetts and other states to make this behavior illegal.
    • Employee Rights Post Blog – Attorney Ellen Simon of Ohio blogs about recent cases in discrimination law.
    • Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership – Lauren Stiller Rikleen blogs about how to address biases in the workplace as well as strategic advice for managing the Millenial Generation.